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I didn’t even get to f-ing go.
October 3, 2008, 3:47 am
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I was really looking forward to going to the concert today. Once I got back to my dorm I changed and go all ready to go. I rushed over there and the freaking bouncer told me I couldn’t get in becuase I didnt’ have an ID with my age on it. So freaking stupid, I swear. So I hung out with Angela and Sharon for the night. I just ate a lot of Doritos and stuff and watched Sharon play PS3. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t go to the concert. It was goign to be great. Not exactly fair, but whatever.

Rebecca + Saosin = My jealous

Rebecca + Saosin = My jealousy


New got milk? ad 😀

Thandi being awesome ♥

Thandi being awesome ♥

Sha(ka)ron's hair

Sha(ka)ron's hair

Sharon raising my spirits.

Sharon raising my spirits.

I hope things start to improve.


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Comment by jinazers

🙂 you make me smile! hope ur night is going well bro

Comment by Thandi

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