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April 11, 2009, 11:17 pm
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Nヨw Mu5iメ!
November 12, 2008, 9:55 pm
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This month I have taken notice of the huge flux of new music! I’m actually very excited. All of the music that is currently being produced is suprisingly WONDERFUL! There are quiet a few that I guess I’m going to have to include in this entry. Some of these may be new and some may be old. Most of all, I’m going to the Dir en grey concert tonight with Raphael and Kevin. It’s insane that they are going to be so close by. They are literally playing down the street from Raphael’s house. That is definitely crazy! Sadly, there is no word of when my beloved Hikki will be near. She’s been so lazy with her production or at least on the downdown about it.

First up!

BoA is trying to break into the United States music industry. She has debuted with her single ‘Eat You Up.’ The song is suprisingly catchy although the verses of the song are rather monotone. Dekyil said it makes her feel really impatient when listening. It’s a really good first single. She kind of dumbed down and dirty-ed up her lyrics for the American audience. That means the appearance of lyrics like “I’ll eat you up…so yum yum…” But hey! It’s no where as bad as Hikki’s “You’re Easy Breezy and I’m Japaneezy…” (I can’t wait for the day that that line in the song means nothing to me) Take a listen to her song and it comes with two music videos which is somethign new in the music industry here.

BoA's promo shot for the single.

BoA's promo shot for the single.

Other than that, Keane and Ami Suzuki have released new albums. These two I had given up on because their preceeding albums did not impress me too much. However the newest releases have blown me away. Keane has started to move away from their Coldplay-ish sound and created new stuff all on their own. Their album is very new and soothing so I think I’ll remember that for quite a while. I am contemplating buying it soon. Maybe.

Keane's most recent album cover


Lastly for now is Ami Suzuki! She is one of those Japanese Pop underdogs. She works very hard but the turn out is never what is hoped for. I can agree to some state that in her early career at the end of the 90s, she was extremely over rated. However with her comeback in 2004, she made some really amazing music which did not get enough credit. He last album from earlier this year, DOLCE, only had a few good songs on it but this one, Supreme Show, is stunning. She worked with Nakata from capsule to make this one. It worked out nicely. Only making #8 on the charts at the moment, it is must better than the rankings for her previous things. DOLCE was only at about #26. Congrats goes to Ami and the album is her best yet.

Cover of Supreme Show ♥ Looks great

Cover of Supreme Show ♥ Looks great