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So over this last year as I further my study of other cultures I continue to find how we people of African descent are EVERYWHERE! It’s difficult now to find a place where there aren’t black people. In every continent there is mixing of African genes. Where there isn’t black people are learning the language and cultures of  these places. It is a beautiful thing to see. It is a true sign of change not only on a national level but on a global scale!


Volleyball Player Ding Hui

Volleyball Player Ding Hui

Tencent sport news reported yesterday that a “unique” volleyball player of mixed African and Chinese descent, 20-year-old Ding Hui (丁慧) from Zhejiang, has made the Volleyball Association’s list of 18 big-shot volleyball players. Chosen by Zhou Jian’an (周建安), the chief trainer of the national men’s team, the writer of the report called Ding Hui a free individual, who is flexible and agile, and also the first “black” player in the history of the national volleyball team.



An African man argues in Japanese the damage caused by Japan to other countries, in Japanese!

An African-American group raps in Japanese and even tours in Japan!


Crystal-Kay-PictureIt is difficult figuring out where to place Crystal Kay. She is of Korean and African-American descent however, she does not speak Korean. She is a third-generation Zainichi Korean so she speaks Japanese and English fluently. She is a rather successful pop/R&B singer in Japan:

If you’re curious check out a few of her things here:

African-American women speaks on Korean television in fluent Korean amongst the other foreign but fluent women. 😀


450px-Vendedora_de_frutas_Cartagena_ColombiaThe African Diaspora has brought people of African descent to many different places, Columbia and Panama are included. The woman in the picture is a vendor in Columbia. Columbia’s black population is nothing compared to that of Panama who has a majority population of people of African descent.

United Kingdom:

corinne-bailey-rae-and-jason-rae Corinne Bailey Rae is an African-British singer who has recently become rather internationally recognized for her vocal talents. Winning the “Outstanding New Artist Award” in 2007,  her bluesy type of voice perfect for the acoustic type of pop she writes. She’s complete with the British accent and all!


399px-Corneille_artiste This is Corneille. He sings song in French however he is not French. He has got to be the most difficult person to place because he is cross-continental by himself. He was born in Germany to Rwandan parents, however he is a Canadian resident. He is pretty well known in France. He uses afrobeat styles in his music. This is truly a blending of cultures in itself.

It’s in realizing these kinds of things that make me glad to be who I am! Originally held back form the world, black people as a whole have made major triumphs just about everywhere, not just in our numbers but in cultural influence as well. The world is changing and this is one of the things that to me, is evidence of that.

I hope that I will be a significant part of this triumph! :D

I hope that I will be a significant part of this triumph! 😀