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Dragonette♥ came to Boston ([technically Allston])




This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I liked them a lot before going to see them live but I did not have expectations for them to be so wonderful live. They’re all so energetic. The lead singer is also one of those women that is so much more beautiful in person. Pictures online and elsewhere do not do her justice, I swear! The lights were well done and they were very professional. Before they started playing everyone was so awkward and barely moving but as soon as Dragonette strumed the first girl and the first lyric was sung, everyone was jump off the floor. I had a great time minus an awkward boob touch, these raunchy gay guys that continued to dance all skankily and off beat to everything, and this awkward like 50-something year old that had earplugs in but kept shaking his head from side to side off beat as well. Note to all that went: Please learn where the beat of the songs are…




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I managed to also get a little clip of some of the show. Very short but very memorable for me because ‘Liar’ is most definitely my favorite song!



Black Kids Concert!
October 1, 2008, 11:57 pm
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I’m so freaking excited! I really love Black Kids. Their group name is so freaking awesome. Haha most people when they hear it, they’re like WHAT?! I’m all ready. I had to get new jeans so I suprisingly got skinny jeans. My first pair which fit nicely actually. At least I have diversity in my closet now. I’m ready for this concert!



Jeans below…

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