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My Soul Exploration.

Since earlier this month, I have stopped myself from listening to any Asian music since I had grown far to comfortable to it. I began ignoring the majority of things that are going on in the English-speaking world. Although many people think that ignoring something is a bad thing, I am finding a lot of good from it. It’s forcing me to explore in other areas and also re-evaluate myself. I have found a great deal of great things. In music specifically, I’ve found two very interesting female singers: Florence + The Machine and Bat for Lashes. Both of which I have grown very fond of. Their music is quiet intriguing and definitely beautiful, deep and soulful. Two things that make this exploration forth it.

Florence + The Machine: Drumming Song ♥

Bat For Lashes: Daniel ♥



Babel Fish = [[NEVER]] use it.

I was randomly on Babel Fish and I typed in “빤색하고노란색” which means “red and green.” But the result was definitely not that at all… This is evidence that Babel Fish is one of the worst resources when it comes to translating. It also often happens where you input a word and it gives you a word with the wrong meaning. You get the idea, if you’re learning another language or just stumped on what a word means in a foreign language, do not use Babel Fish. It fails.

babel The main point of this is however, that March is over in a few minutes. April should be good, but I can’t help but remember that the year is ending and ending quickly. Soon it’ll be May and I’ll be packing my stuff to leave from here… Everything is just going too fast…

Coke Adventure
March 23, 2009, 7:31 pm
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Yesterday I went out alone to run errands. One of those errands was to go get this shirt because i really wanted it. I saw it last week but didn’t have money and yesterday I did so I couldn’t really resist. Only $12.

可口可乐~请喝 (Coca-Cola~Enjoy.)

可口可乐~请喝 (Coca-Cola~Enjoy.)

I think the name that China chose to represent Coca-Cola was a good idea. 可口可乐 (Read kě kǒu kě lè) is interesting because I guess in a sense it sounds some what like “Coca-Cola” but it’s awesome because the first part 可口 (kě kǒu) means ‘tasty’ and 可乐 (kě lè) means ‘cola.’ So in that sense it means ‘Tasty Cola’ and sounds like Coca-Cola at the same time. The tagline in English is “Enjoy.” in Chinese it’s “请喝 (qǐng hē)” It doesnot mean ‘enjoy’ or anything like that. It simply means “Please drink” which is a pretty funny tagline. Good thing that’s not the case in English. In all, I don’t like Coca-Cola at all, soda is gross and it leaves a nasty aftertaste and feeling for me. But yeah. Now you know why the shirt is awesome.