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Babel Fish = [[NEVER]] use it.

I was randomly on Babel Fish and I typed in “빤색하고노란색” which means “red and green.” But the result was definitely not that at all… This is evidence that Babel Fish is one of the worst resources when it comes to translating. It also often happens where you input a word and it gives you a word with the wrong meaning. You get the idea, if you’re learning another language or just stumped on what a word means in a foreign language, do not use Babel Fish. It fails.

babel The main point of this is however, that March is over in a few minutes. April should be good, but I can’t help but remember that the year is ending and ending quickly. Soon it’ll be May and I’ll be packing my stuff to leave from here… Everything is just going too fast…


Old Sʞool Awesomeness
March 22, 2009, 3:02 am
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In the City Co. walking back from work, all I see if red, blue, and green.

This is something I haven’t even seen for about a decade. I used to love these.

Red, Blue, Green

빤색하고 파란색하고 노란색이 있어요.

New Shoes…Alive and Kicking.
December 11, 2008, 9:44 pm
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Okay so I’ve been away from the blog for a while so I’m going to attach this thing with my love today. Well I recently got some new shoes. This was due to constant badgering by my mother and sister. I have gotten to like the shows a lot. They are actually pretty awesome. They have orange on one side then green on the other. Those are two o f my favorite colors. I got them on sale for $80; they were originally $130. They fit comfortably although I had to stretch them out (as I do with all my shoes).

Swoojjj! Aloha!

Swoojjj! Aloha!