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Dragonette♥ came to Boston ([technically Allston])




This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I liked them a lot before going to see them live but I did not have expectations for them to be so wonderful live. They’re all so energetic. The lead singer is also one of those women that is so much more beautiful in person. Pictures online and elsewhere do not do her justice, I swear! The lights were well done and they were very professional. Before they started playing everyone was so awkward and barely moving but as soon as Dragonette strumed the first girl and the first lyric was sung, everyone was jump off the floor. I had a great time minus an awkward boob touch, these raunchy gay guys that continued to dance all skankily and off beat to everything, and this awkward like 50-something year old that had earplugs in but kept shaking his head from side to side off beat as well. Note to all that went: Please learn where the beat of the songs are…




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I managed to also get a little clip of some of the show. Very short but very memorable for me because ‘Liar’ is most definitely my favorite song!



We Walk.
August 25, 2009, 12:04 am
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Another fly and jive music video by the lovely Ting Tings.

I love the song. I love the video.

My Soul Exploration.

Since earlier this month, I have stopped myself from listening to any Asian music since I had grown far to comfortable to it. I began ignoring the majority of things that are going on in the English-speaking world. Although many people think that ignoring something is a bad thing, I am finding a lot of good from it. It’s forcing me to explore in other areas and also re-evaluate myself. I have found a great deal of great things. In music specifically, I’ve found two very interesting female singers: Florence + The Machine and Bat for Lashes. Both of which I have grown very fond of. Their music is quiet intriguing and definitely beautiful, deep and soulful. Two things that make this exploration forth it.

Florence + The Machine: Drumming Song ♥

Bat For Lashes: Daniel ♥


The (愛) Dr.
April 4, 2009, 6:20 pm
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011I haven’t listened to Namie Amuro (安室 奈美恵) for a while and so I found out today that she made a new PV (promotional video) for her new song ‘Dr.’ from her new single. It’s pretty catchy except for one part which I think is like  a bridge but the verses are very well done. It’s someone less urban in comparison to her most recent songs. However, I do kind of like it. Recommended.

March 15, 2009, 3:47 am
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I have seen her name appearing everywhere but i haven’t actually taken time to look up who she was until I was looking around on and saw a picture of her and I was like I didn’t know she was white. Then I read her wiki which states that she was born in Tokyo to a Russian-American father and Japanese mother. I guess that is reflected in her name as her first name is Anna which is very common in Russia and Tsuchiya which is a not-so-common Japanese family name. She has a very powerful voice and the song is powerful. I’ll be looking up more of her things. I’m sure that she has a bunch of very nice songs. I’ll be searching for them.

The song is called 黒い涙 (Kuroi Namida) meaning “Black Tears,” This hints at the sad tone of the song. Enjoy!

THIS {really} IS THE ONE
March 13, 2009, 4:05 am
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I just had to share that. I’m so excited that Utada put out new music. I think she is going to have a much better entry into America with this album. It’s just sooo good. Ralph is addicted to Me Muero (16 plays and we haven’t even had the album for 2 hours yet). Don’t worry guys though, I’m going to buy the album when it comes out, I’m not jipping Utada. I’D NEVER! EVER!! IF YOU DO, I’LL CUT YOU!! >;O


Album Artwork

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