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{The Debut.
April 24, 2009, 12:02 am
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Click to Watch.

Click to Watch.

I’m just now realizing how fast I talk. I take this as a message to slow it down, so people can actually hear what I’m saying.


Orientation Reunion!
March 18, 2009, 4:27 am
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Angela randomly organized an outing to the Japanese Restaurant in West Campus called “Kaguya.” It was a fun experience, the food however wasn’t all that great or anything. I felt like it was all missing something. The salmon tasted too much like chicken. The yakisoba was good but I missed the Yakisoba from Tokyo Game Action… Still it was fun seeing Sharon, Angela and David together again as well as Megan and Angela’s two friends (I forgot their names). I don’t think I see Angela enough. She somehow got this really dark tan and had I see her enough, I would have realized she was getting so dark. {haha)

The bunch☺

The bunch☺

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Thanks Rosetta Stone ☺
March 13, 2009, 6:24 am
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Me (2:17:06 AM): I can say a sentence
Me (2:17:11 AM): hold on let me type it in korean
Shakaron (2:17:16 AM): hahah
Shakaron (2:17:18 AM): ok
Me (2:18:16 AM): 어자하고 남자아이가 수영을 해요.
Me (2:18:25 AM): *여
Me (2:18:29 AM): *여자
Shakaron (2:18:38 AM): LOL
Shakaron (2:18:40 AM): WTF?!?!
Shakaron (2:18:41 AM): why
Shakaron (2:18:42 AM): ahahha
Shakaron (2:18:44 AM): that is so random
Me (2:18:50 AM): lmao
Me (2:18:56 AM): Thank you Rosetta Stone

The Birthday Continues [Part 2] – 札幌みそラメーンを下さい!
December 16, 2008, 6:23 am
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The original plan was to go have dinner at Applebee’s but this is the day before a test so, that didn’t happen. We went to Ken’s Ramen today. The food was great but it took a while due to our large group and limited seating. It was nice though. I got to finally hang out with Keaboka. Her hair looked really nice today. We had a long talk about life and -ahem- (Keaboka will know what that means when she reads this). I had a good time seeing everyone. Sadly Becca and Khalil and Raphael did not show up. But it’s still okay.

Quotes of the Evening

Asha: This water is giving me heartburn.


Thandi: You got you coconut cream on my face.

Me: That’s what she said

I missed her a lot

I missed her a lot

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I didn’t even get to f-ing go.
October 3, 2008, 3:47 am
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I was really looking forward to going to the concert today. Once I got back to my dorm I changed and go all ready to go. I rushed over there and the freaking bouncer told me I couldn’t get in becuase I didnt’ have an ID with my age on it. So freaking stupid, I swear. So I hung out with Angela and Sharon for the night. I just ate a lot of Doritos and stuff and watched Sharon play PS3. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t go to the concert. It was goign to be great. Not exactly fair, but whatever.

Rebecca + Saosin = My jealous

Rebecca + Saosin = My jealousy

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