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Mind Playin’ Tricks on You.
September 6, 2009, 1:20 am
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Work. Lazer Lights. Liquid. Trip.

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{Return to Boston: Anime Convention 2009 #1 (Anime Boston ’09)


So Anime Boston came up with a very sudden suprise although in a sense I was expecting it. However it was at such an inconvenient time. I had just come back from Boston earlier in the week and I had almost no money. So I asked to borrow 100 bucks from my sister which was an awful idea. She gave me so much crap and kind of ruined the con for me a bit. However the entrance fee was 50 bucks so that’s half of my money. I had to pay back 30 bucks for the bus ticket brough to me by my love, Raphael♥.  I ended up not even getting 100 bucks, only 70. The convention for the most part was a lot of fun. I’m starting to see myself growing up because the conventions don’t have the same effect they used to have. Or prehaps it was because I didn’t have money to splurge like usual. Next time I’ll have money. We also plan to get a hotel room booked for the upcoming ConnectiCon ’09. Sunday of the convention was prehaps and always the saddest day of the convention but it was my favorite this time. We got to play ParaParaParadise, which I missed a lot. No Pop’n though which was a little sad. I had a great weekend. We also got to see the Japanese group called Kalafina live. They put on a great performance. I’ve heard their music before but didn’t know who they were. Beautiful women with beautiful voices. From here on out as well, things will be different. Starting over.

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