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私の誕生日の楽しさ(第十一テイク)Birthday Fun (Take 11): Best Shit Ever!
December 14, 2008, 9:38 pm
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In all the trip to New York was definitely worth it. The tickets were cheap and we got to stay the whole day. It was my first thing there ever. Now that I know it’s not so hard to get over there, I’d love to go more often. So much fun things happened. It was a memorable birthday so thanks to Raphael for that idea. Turning 18 can’t and won’t ever happen again. I guess I will enjoy it to as much as I can (with caution becuase now I can be arrest if I did something bad!!)


私の誕生日の楽しさ(第一テイク)Birthday Fun (Take 1): The Beginning
December 14, 2008, 7:53 pm
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Okay so for my birthday I decided to go to New York City. It was just me and the amor. It was so nice. We woke up at 4AM and took the 6:30AM Lucky Star Bus from Boston to New York City. It was definitely exciting. The ride was about 3-4 hours. I was really shocked how fast it was and that I actually found the ride enjoyable. I was so relaxed during the bus ride. When we go to New York I was so suprised at the size of all the buildings. I thought that being in Boston, big buildings wouldn’t be much. But compared to New York, Boston has practically no big buildings. During the ride Raphael and I just passed the iPod back and forth listening to some of our favorite songs.

We got off the bus in Chinatown. The Chinatown in New York City is huge compared to the one in Boston. There were lots of shops and everything. We were so lost at first. Trying to navigate the streets of New York without any actual destination or anything. We eventually got a map, but we were still lost. We managed to find out way to a Subway station on Canal Street that took us to Time Square which is where all the fun happened. On the way over to Canal Street we were overwhelmed by the large groups of people everywhere. And the people trying to sell us everything. It was insane.

Chinese Lady: Tickets to Boston…Boston…You go… to Boston?!

Sketchball Salesman: iPod Touch, iPod Touch, iPod iPod iPod Touch…check it out…

The fun started here.

The fun started here.